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The Forest

Discovering the Valley

A player map is availabe in-game as a craftable item from the Crafting Room once the blueprint is discovered. The map is generally the same for all players however the exact spawn locations of blueprints and rare Gathering resources do change from game to game. So keep exploring.


The world map of Among Trees, with some possible spawn points of the two rarest resources, Honey and Chicory. Resource spawn points seem to recur across several games.

The circled Loot Sites did not appear on the in-game map after mapping them, this might be corrected in a future version.

The lake in the Northeast has freshwater (will refill a Water Can), but no Fish.

Blueprints spawn at Towers, East and/or West Lime Cave, Larch Trees, and the secret Blueprint location marked. The actual Blueprint Item you getcomes in the order that you find them, Fishing Rod and Campfire+Cooking kit being the last two. Which of these locations have guaranteed Blueprint spawns awaits confirmation by players.

Online Interactive Map

Visit this site for an online map with the best areas to look for all the important items:

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