Among Trees Wiki

This page lists all the items known in game. Visit additional gathering and Crafting pages for more information on items.


Various items can be gathered from the world in Among Trees. These items fall into various categories.

Natural Gathering[]

Throughout the world the player will be able to find various naturally occurring resources that require no tools to harvest.


Players will also find resources that can be salvaged from points of interest. Some of these items will be loosely placed around these points or in searchable piles, but others will require an axe or a lock pick to retrieve.

  • Nails
  • Steel Wire
  • Bolts
  • Steel Pipe
  • Jute Rope
  • Fir Plank
  • Turnip Seeds
  • Beetroot Seeds
  • Old Rags


Finally, players will be able to harvest various resources using craft-able tools.

  • Honey/Beeswax - These can be harvested by cutting down beehives with an axe. Be sure to run from the angry bees before collecting your items.
  • Fir Planks - These can be harvested from trees with the Axe.
  • Locked Crates - These can be opened with the Lock-pick and are located at points of interest.
  • Wooden Crates - These can be broken open with the Axe and are located at points of interest.
  • Lime Ore - This can be mined with the Pickaxe and can be found in various caves within the world.
  • Fish - These can be caught at lakes with the fishing rod. When caught they provide a mix of bones, meat and skins.

Craftable Items[]

A lot of items can be crafted in the Crafting Room. All of them are divided into four categories:


  • Nails
  • Bolts
  • Metal Plate
  • Reinforced Plank
  • Steel Wire
  • Sewing Thread
  • Jute Rope
  • Glue




  • Bear and fish sculpture
  • Owl sculpture
  • Blackbird sculpture
  • Robin sculpture
  • Fox and tree sculpture
  • Burbot sculpture
  • Big stenmur plant
  • Small stenmur plant
  • Avendura plant
  • Skagersvik plant