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In Among Trees, the player starts out with an abandoned log cabin as a home. In order to be able to rest, store items and save progress the player needs to rebuild the cabin using the Fir Planks lying around the cabin.

Cabin Upgrades[]

The Cabin with all rooms constructed.

Base Level Upgrade[]

  • Base cabin - Provides the player with a bed, storage box and the ability to save progress.

Level 1 Upgrades[]

After initial construction of your home you will be able to expand with 3 different upgrades:

  • Crafting Room - Provides you with a crafting bench allowing to you to craft in Among Trees.
  • Cooking Room - Allows you to cook food and make the Greenhouse upgrade available.
  • Storage Attic - Gives the player home a second floor and provides 4 additional storage crates.

Level 2 Upgrades[]

  • Greenhouse - Requires the Cooking upgrade and will allow the player to plant and grow crops.
  • Sewing Room - Allows the player to craft outfits and backpacks. Requires both the Crafting Room and the Storage Attic upgrade.
  • Brewing Room - Allows brewing of beverages that boost stats. Requires the Cooking Room upgrade.