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A number of items in Among Trees are acquired through foraging and gathering.

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Many of the items gathered in Among Trees are used for cooking and improve your character stats. The Cooking page describes these stat improvements for raw and cooked items.

Gathering types[]

Items in the world are gathered in the following methods: By Hand, Fishing Pole, Axe, Lockpick, and Mining Pick Axe.

By Hand[]

Picture Item Use Can be Eaten Stack


Sticks Building No 10
FirPlank small.png Fir Plank Building No 10
Ruby Beet Cooking Yes 8
Golden Chanterelle Cooking Yes 10
Chicory Sewing No 10
Cattails Sewing and Brewing No 5
Button Mushroom Cooking Yes 10
Black Currant Cooking Yes 15
Hoof Fungus Building and Cooking Yes 5
Dotty Mushroom Cooking Yes 8
Stump moss Building No 5
Yellow Ash Leaves Building No 15
Wormwood Root Brewing No 10
Thistle Root Brewing No 10
Dogbane Stems Crafting No 7
Ivory Turnip Cooking Yes 5
Bishop's Lace Brewing No 10
Fiddlehead Fern Brewing No 10
Rosehip Brewing No 10
Soldago Brewing No 10
Hedghog Mushroom Cooking Yes 15
Morel Mushroom Cooking Yes 15
Lingonberry Cooking Yes 15
Porcini Mushroom Cooking Yes 15
Zebra Morel Mushroom Cooking Yes 15
Gooseberry Cooking Yes 15
Raspberry Cooking Yes 15
Cloudberry Cooking Yes 15
Angel Mushroom Cooking Yes 15
Death Cap Mushroom
Mulberry Cooking Yes 15
Puffball Mushroom
Black Void Mushroom Cooking Yes 15
Burdock Root Cooking Yes 15
Driftwood Building No 5

Fishing Pole[]

Item Use Can be eaten Stack Limit
Perch Fillet Cooking Yes 8
Bleak Fillet Cooking Yes 10
Pike Perch Fillet Cooking Yes 5
Waltz Bleak Skin Crafting - 5
Red Fin Perch Skinn Crafting - 5
Fish Bone Crafting - 10


Lock Pick[]

Mining Pick Axe[]

Picture Item Use Edible Stack Limit
Lime Mineral Crafting No 10